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Effective Leadership

Matthew 6:19-24, Getting our Hearts Centered On What Is Important...
Matthew 6: 5-15, Jesus is calling us to seek Him with the emphasis on our sincerity so our public prayers are as genuine as our private ones.
Matthew 5: 43-48, Loving your Enemies, Jesus once again challenges the Pharisees' misunderstanding...
Matthew 5:38-42, Responding to Evil, Jesus calls us to an entirely different perspective and outlook of life.
Matthew 5: 33-37, Do you keep your word as a leader? God requires us to take our word and deeds seriously...
Matthew 5: 27-30, Jesus cuts right to the root, the heart of the problem with most marriages and divorce...
Matthew 5: 21-26, Because He is a God of holiness and details, He gives us specific issues that are to show root causes of sin and unrighteousness.
Matthew 5: 13-16, The Christian leaders role in the world is to be influencers of the world! Not to hide from it, or ignore it...
Matthew 5:1-2, The "Sermon on the Mount" can be referred to as the Christian Manifesto, which contains the core essentials, the foundation of thought and attitude, of the Christian leadership life.
Matthew 4:23-25, This passage summaries Jesus' training His disciples...
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