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Is the wonder and awe at what Christ has and did for us.
Means to pay attention and close our mouths.
We are accountable to God and to one another. We are all fallen creatures; as Christians, we are still fallen, but are saved by His grace.
Is having admiration for others.
Advocates God's Word to others.
Allows us to be corrected by God.
Are you devoted to Christ or a slave to your misguided will and to the manipulation of others? Did you know that as growing and mature Christians, we have to realize that we belong exclusively to Christ? If you are a leader or pastor in a church, this is even more essential! He purchased us out of sin and doom into His love, care, and grace. He took us from sin and gave us a reason for being. Thus, at some point in our spiritual development, we have to comprehend the magnitude of who Christ is and who we are in and to Him.
Is the application of being good.
Anger can be a solution or a real problem.
Respects the time of others.
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