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From the very beginning, then, Schaeffer had a mind for what he called "True Truth." He loved the Bible and its message of salvation first and foremost because it is "true." It accurately reflects the reality within which all human beings find themselves and against which, ultimately, they cannot revolt -- try as they may.
It is a community of committed believers serving the Lord in a center for research and practicum.
As I was walking home from the post office today, where I had gone to send off a great pile of letters and some packages, I was thinking of my answer to you.
Francis Schaeffer was a pioneer in the field of apologetics and the development of a Christian response to the anti-supernaturalism which dominated western thought in the 20th century.
A brief biography of Francis Schaeffer

After a time of living as a self-proclaimed agnostic, he decided to read the Bible, beginning with Genesis, and see for himself if God exists.
In a time when true scholarship is often equated with specialization in a particular period, people, or subject, Schaeffer was a grand generalist. He was a true Renaissance man who...
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