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Biblical Leadership

The Church exists because of what Christ has done for us in His glory and the production of His work.

The church exists for us to be in Christ our Lord, to be His people, His hands, and His feet. It started with the promise to Abraham and continues through us today. The covenant to Abraham represents one of the main themes of the Bible—that God fills and blesses us and we are called to share it as the primary purpose for our existence; we are blessed to be a blessing. The church is born and continues to live by the people God chooses, and the response we give. "I will be your God and you will be my people," is the relationship God calls us to—first to Himself and then to others. God is our God and we are called to be His people, so let's do this!

By God's grace, we must do two things simultaneously: We must do all that is necessary for the purity of the visible church to exhibit the holiness of God, and yet, no matter how bitter [they] become or what nasty things they say . . . , we must show forth the love of God in the midst of the strongest speaking we can do. If we let down one side or the other, we will not bear our testimony to God who is holy and who is love. - Francis A. Schaeffer, (The Church Before the Watching World)

A Primer on How to Lead and Manage the Church

Biblical Principles of God's Call to Manage His Flock! The goal of this Primer is to lay forth to you suggestions from God's Word and from my own experience on how to effectively run a church. These are based on many years of research and study and observing the top 1000+ churches in the world as well as personal church growth consulting and pastoral experience. A general overview will be given, followed by a step-by-step plan on how to effectively organize for His glory. Although church growth is the goal, this Primer is not based on traditional church growth jargon, even though some of the principles are applied. After years of...

The Call for the Church

The Church exists by what Christ has done for us in and for His glory and the production of His work. The church exists for us to be in Christ our Lord, to be His people, and His hands and feet. It may have started with the promise to Abraham...

The Responsibility of the Church

It all comes down to this point: God's call for the Church versus ours. Who is running "your" show and who gets the glory? Or better put, whose show is it and what are you showing? Your attitude and motivation come from what you favor and prefer and these ideas come from a sense of desires and pride that in turn run the church. Or, we can manage "our" church from a sense of call and responsibility as the stewards of His Church.

The Three Essential Priorities for the Church

When we take careful view of Scripture from Genesis to Revelation, we see three areas of responsibility that we are called to do. John 15 expresses these three priorities all together beautifully, and I list several other passages that support these essential priorities, just turn to a concordance and see for yourself. Out of these priorities, we can take God's Word and contextualize it to the streets and to the direct needs of the people, so they can come to the knowledge of our Lord.

What it Means to be a True Leader

The Leadership Challenge

Too often people confuse a strong-willed personality as an effective leader, leadership is not being strong-willed, rather having a strong sense of purpose that is centered upon God. The church of our Lord needs leaders, not petty instigators. There are too many churches that substitute a petty person for a godly person and see no distinction, because the people who put them in power do not know the difference.

Have a Vision

A vision will have your primary call from Scripture, to hear and obey His Word!

Have Knowledge

Knowledge is being assured that what Christ did is relevant and impacting, and is a reality that must be accepted and committed to.

Love their Call

Love their Call is Passion, it means there is nothing better you would rather do than...

Be an Energizer

Energizer is the importance of influence, and being attractive with Christ who gets excited and is joyful for Him!

Be a Learner

Learning is to learn and grow from the experience the Lord gives us so we are an example for His work!

Have Maturity

Maturity is to know that our need is to be in Christ, and not to be to ourselves!

Have Perseverance

Perseverance is to continue in our state of grace so we live it out in our lives and walk with Christ to the end for our eternal reward!

Have Spunk

Spunk is the willingness to take a risk and go beyond ourselves, our experience and knowledge and into what is best for the body of Christ!

No Fear of Failure

No Fear of Failure is the ability to take a risk and keep the focus and attention on our call and obedience!

Be a Follower

Followers is knowing that you cannot lead where you have not been, unless the leader is a good follower of the Lord they cannot lead others effectively!

Be a Listener

Listening knows to be an effectual leader, you must know how to listen, all its takes is the will to turn it on and let it work.

Do not forget this fact as you lead His church, Christ is Supreme!
That means He is also the Head of the Church! We tend to run our churches as if we were in control, basing our decisions on gathering needs and developing programs to fill those needs. Yet, as good as this may sound, the main thing in church leadership is left out. Where is Christ and where is His purpose and direction? We close the door to our Lord! He is the head; that means we must line ourselves up to Him and His Lordship, not our ideas, trivialities, and agendas. We are to seek Him as Lord over all—over our lives as well as our churches!
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