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Monthly Leadership Article


Introduction to the Leadership Themes from the Gospels

We may need to rediscover what Christ calls us to when we lead and manage His Church.


A Call from the Gospels

Is your church accomplishing its main mission?

The Call to Follow me.

Who or what does your church follow?

A Call to Proclaim

What does your church proclaim and teach?


See the entire series here: /Leadership-from-the-Gospels

Research Highlights


Statistics on Pastors: 2016 Update

Research on the Happenings in Pastors' Personal and Church Lives.

So, what is going on with today's servants of the Church?

Since first studying pastors in the late 80's, we are seeing significant shifts in the last 20 years on how pastors view their calling and how churches treat them.


Do pastors receive a livable wage? 57% No!    

This is how money and budget stress the pastor's family.  Authentic pastors do not go into real impacting ministry for the money. It is all about the call and our response. However, if pastors are so overstressed by finances, they can't put on the front burner the priorities of ministry, community, and church.


PDF Report with graphs and insights:




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Scripture of the Day


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Leading the Church

Leading the Church

What We Need to Learn for Today's Church
In application, our faith and ministry efforts are like a working fishing net. Our lives are interwoven with that of others by God as we crisscross with them in life. (2/2/2008)

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Effective Leadership

Effective Leadership

The Call to Confession
How is your church's confession? (10/6/2016)

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Why Should We Do Evangelism
Are you apprehensive at the prospect of going out to witness? Have you done evangelism with all of your heart and passion with little to no results? Well, so did Paul! Although he had no fear, he did have little results with his own people at times, yet continued to obey God anyway. (1/23/2008)

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Bible Research

Bible Research

The Small Scroll
Revelation 10:1-7 (2/12/2008)

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