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Speak Truth! Ephesians 4: 7-16

We prepare God's people! The purpose of any worker in the church is to build up the people for service…>


Be Kind! Ephesians 4:17-32

As leaders in Christ's Body, we must be morally true. We must have a deep penetrating desire for real Truth and teach…>


Lead Worthy! Ephesians 5:1-7

The Christian leader is called to model and inspire gentleness, love, empathy, compassion—and, out of these, will flow forgiveness.


Paul's Guide to Leading and Managing a Church

Introduction to the 'Effective Leadership from Ephesians' series. A Look at some of the calls and precepts from Paul's in Ephesians applied to leading and managing a church.


See the entire series here: /Leadership-from-Ephesians

Research Highlights


Statistics on Pastors: 2016 Update

Research on the Happenings in Pastors' Personal and Church Lives.

So, what is going on with today's servants of the Church?

Since first studying pastors in the late 80's, we are seeing significant shifts in the last 20 years on how pastors view their calling and how churches treat them.


How consistent has the church treated their pastor? 88% Are Treated Well!

Pastors are more appreciated than ever! When we first started to do these studies in the late 80's through 2000, we saw many pastors broken, depressed, and very few satisfied. We were the hired hands, and churches either overly adored and fixated on their pastor or, in most cases, were treated terribly. We see there have been great strides within the church leaderships, denominational managements and realistic job descriptions and expectations. This, along with many organizations sounding the alarm, pastors are in a better place now, than ever before.


PDF Report with graphs and insights:




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Scripture of the Day


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Leading the Church

Leading the Church

Taming the Tongue!
Why? Because; words can get us in so much trouble, and serve both for the good of the Kingdom and the determent of the Church... (5/13/2008)

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Effective Leadership

Effective Leadership

We are His Heirs!
Do you realize you are God's child and heir? Then, do you allow Him to guide you? (2/2/2008)

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The Character of Listening
Means to pay attention and close our mouths. (1/30/2008)

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Bible Research

Bible Research

The Book of the Ages
Understanding the impact of the Bible on history and its relevance for our lives! (3/6/2008)

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