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Focus on Christ! Ephesians 1: 3-6

Christ is to be our prime focus--first, foremost, over anything or anyone else.


Know Grace! Ephesians 1:7-10

Now that we know what God has lavished upon us, what do we do as a church leader to model that to those around us?


People's Lives Matter! Ephesians 1:11-14

We are called to be agents of reconciliation to a world that is dying to sin! We are to proclaim that people's lives matter.


Paul's Guide to Leading and Managing a Church

Introduction to the 'Effective Leadership from Ephesians' series. A Look at some of the calls and precepts from Paul's in Ephesians applied to leading and managing a church.


See the entire series here: /Leadership-from-Ephesians

Research Highlights


Statistics on Pastors: 2016 Update

Research on the Happenings in Pastors' Personal and Church Lives.

So, what is going on with today's servants of the Church?

Since first studying pastors in the late 80's, we are seeing significant shifts in the last 20 years on how pastors view their calling and how churches treat them.


How much time do pastors spend in prayer daily? 50% more than an hour a day!

The effectiveness of a pastor and a church is laid upon the foundation that holds it all up, our Lord and our then our communication with Him is prayer. We used this question to assess the pastors and churches shared spiritual condition. The ministry starts and rests on the spiritual condition of the leaders, their devotion to Christ, and what flows from that devotion. For ministry to be blessed and effective, we must be in healthy relationships with our Lord and with one another in communication and accountability. We must not be independent of ourselves, but dependent on our Lord Jesus Christ and to one another.

The pastor cannot have an effective ministry unless prayer is the focal point! We cannot meet the approval of God without prayer! How can we receive His blessings when we leave God out of the loop? If we never bother with God, ourselves, then how can we serve Him and lead others in His direction?


PDF Report with graphs and insights:



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Scripture of the Day


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Leading the Church

Leading the Church

Spiritual Warfare Part VI
How did Jesus respond to Satan and Spiritual Warfare? Immediately following His baptism by John and just before the start of His public ministry, Jesus was hammered and challenged by face-to-face! (4/1/2008)

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Effective Leadership

Effective Leadership

We have to be Willing to Look at our Flaws
Matthew 7: 1- 6, Why would you Judge? The best way to cover your own sins and wrongdoings is to attack someone who is good, and righteous, because it will throw the dogs off their tracks, taking the attention off you and placing it elsewhere... (2/1/2008)

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The Character of Confidence
Enables us to rely on the Lord for all things in our life. (1/29/2008)

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Bible Research

Bible Research

Let Jesus Restore You!
Philippians 2:12-27; 3:10 (2/25/2008)

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