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Research on Eschatology

Many great expositors of the Bible have gotten End Times and Revelation wrong—
Why does this happen?
Do you think you know what Revelation is all about? Are you waiting for the Rapture? Are you concerned about the tribulation, when it will happen, and if you have to go through it or not? Does one theory of end times have you captivated while others make you mad? Is this what fuels your faith? Is this where your time is spent? Is this where your core teaching is? If so, take a hard look in prayer and at the Scriptures. What is God really calling your focus to be?
If you and your church are just fueled by emotional drama and sensationalism, your faith is weak and on a thin bed of ice on a hot day. There is nothing to hold or shape you, nothing to transform you and build faith, character, and spiritual and emotional maturity. Real faith is fueled in the crucible of our walk in Him and His work in us. It is not about what the trends are; it is what Jesus Christ is doing in you and your church. Do not be distracted from what true faith and real Christian living is all about!
Doctrinal rightness and rightness of ecclesiastical position are important, but only as a starting point to go on into a living relationship -- and not as ends in themselves. -- Francis Schaeffer

What does this all have to do with church leadership? The sad fact is that too many of our churches are spending too much time and energy on speculative theology while completely ignoring the calls and commands of Christ. While we invent these particulars of nonsense, too many people go un-reached and thus un-discipled because of our foolishness. Let's stop the nonsense and focus on that to which God has clearly and assuredly called us!

"Exegetical Eschatology"

How Important is Eschatology?

First of all this is not an essential issue, as "Eschatology," meaning End Times Theology, is debatable and has no real bearing on orthodoxy versus unorthodoxy, unless it is distracting you from the person and work of Christ. Nor is this even an important issue, as God is far more concerned with our...

Biblical Eschatology

What is your view of "Eschatology" or "End Times?" This is the study of our Christian beliefs concerning all future and final events, such as Jesus' Second coming and the final judgment. How sure are you that your view is correct?

Understanding Apocalyptic Literature

Apocalyptic, as a term in the common vernacular or dictionary definition, means something that is written in an ominous, threatening way. It is scary, thwarting, and about boding evil. The dictionary tells us it is presaging people of imminent disaster, exaggerated predictions, or allusions of the Last Days. However, this is not what it meant in the original Greek or Hebrew or in the time this term was penned. This means "Biblical" or "Exegetical Eschatology" which is seeking what the Bible has to say about end times not what an unwise mind may come up with! What did it mean? It means...

Will There Be a Rapture?

Yes and no! Yes, Christ is coming back and we will meet Him and it will be spectacular and no words or speculations could ever describe it effectively, especially not in the way most books and TV preachers have sensationalized it. There has been a lot of debate over...

What Did Jesus say about the Last Days?

The Olivet Discourse PI

Matthew 24:1-28: This is part one of a two part study as a prelude into The Book of Revelation. It is essential we understand the events that are to come and not bow to false teachings or sensationalism, and the best way to do that is see what our Lord Jesus Christ taught on the matter.

The Olivet Discourse PII

This is part two of a two part study as a prelude into The Book of Revelation. The Coming of the Son of Man! A spectacular glimpse to things that will come! Jesus is explaining here, symbolically, the events of the coming...

Have you ever wondered what the book of Revelation is all about?

Minus the nonsense and feeble theories we theologians (not to mention the sensationalists) seem to come up with, what is its purpose for you now concerning how you live and lead your life? We will also examine the four main views from a deductive look and find out it is not so mysterious, after all. In fact,Revelation means "discourser of events," or "uncovering" and not hidden or foreboding!

Introduction to the Book of Revelation

Have you ever wondered what the book of Revelation is all about? This article also serves as the introduction and Background Material to our Bible Study series in the Book of Revelation.

The Four Main Views of Revelation

How Revelation is Interpreted? The first part is fairly clear, extolling the Church for what it is doing and criticizing because of where it should be. Most of the debates lie in Revelation 6:1 through 18:24.
The date is significant, because if Revelation was "just" written about far-away future events, then this letter to people in dire stress was mostly meaningless. How could they listen to the words of the prophecies and obey something that was not relevant to them?

This is a basic outline overview of the Book of Revelation

A fifty+ part, verse by verse, Exegetical and Inductive in-depth Bible Study series in Revelation with the Four Main views laid out side by side!

Greetings to the Seven Churches!     Revelation 1: 1-8

The Vision of Christ                            Revelation 1: 9-20

The Church of Ephesus                       Revelation 2: 1-7

The Church of Smyrna                        Revelation 2: 9-11

The Church of Pergamum                   Revelation 2: 12-17

The Church of Thyatira                       Revelation 2: 18-29

The Church of Sardis                     Revelation 3: 1-6

The Church of Philadelphia                Revelation 3: 7-13

The Church of Laodicea                     Revelation 3: 14-22

The Throne                                         Revelation 4:1-5

Heaven Exposed to Us!                     Revelation 4: 6-11

The Scroll                                           Revelation 5: 1-7

The Lamb                                           Revelation 5: 8-14

The Four Horseman                       Revelation 6: 1-8

The Promise of Vindication               Revelation 6: 9-17

The 144,000                                      Revelation 7: 1-8

The Great Multitude                      Revelation 7:9-17

The Seventh Seal                              Revelation 8:1-5

The First Four Trumpets                   Revelation 8:6-13

The Fifth Trumpet                             Revelation 9:1-11

The Sixth Trumpet                            Revelation 9:12-21

The Small Scroll                                Revelation 10:1-7

Take God's Word and Eat It             Revelation 10:8-11

The Two Witnesses                          Revelation 11:1-6

The Third Woe Commences             Revelation 11:7-14

The Seventh Trumpet                       Revelation 11:15-19

The Women and the Dragon            Revelation 12:1-6

The War and Victory of Christ         Revelation 12:7-12

The Woman Perseveres                   Revelation 12:13-17

The First Beast                                 Revelation 13:1-4

The Beast is Worshiped                  Revelation 13:5-10

The Second Beast                            Revelation 13:11-18

The Followers of the Lamb              Revelation 14:1-5

The Three Angels                             Revelation 14:6-13

The Angels and the Harvest            Revelation 14:14-20

The Seven Plagues                      Revelation 15:1-8

The First Bowls of God's Wrath      Revelation 16:1-11

The Final Bowls of God's Wrath     Revelation 16:12-21

The Great Prostitute                       Revelation 17: 1-5

The Woman and the Beast            Revelation 17:6-18

Judgment on Babylon                     Revelation 18:1-24

Praise from Heaven                        Revelation 19:1-10

The Return of the KING!                Revelation 19:11-21

The Millennium!                         Revelation 20:1-6

The Defeat of Satan!                      Revelation 20:7-15

The New Heaven and Earth!          Revelation 21:1-8

The Lord God Almighty is the Temple Revelation 21:9-27

The Water of Life!                      Revelation 22:1-6

Jesus is Coming!                             Revelation 22:7-20

Amen!                                              Revelation 22:21

Revelation is a much debated and often misunderstood book. It seems foreboding and unattainable to some, while being over-simplified and twisted by others. But, it does have honest, truthful, and...

The main point of Biblical, Exegetical Eschatology is to tell us not to be discouraged, but remain faithful and vigilant. We are to live our lives as if Christ were coming tomorrow, or preparing and planning as if He were coming a thousand years from now. We are not to be preoccupied with the details and trivialities. That is why Jesus did not give them to us. Rather, our faith development and steadfastness are far more impacting and real for ourselves and others around us!

Why are some Christians so greatly interested in chasing fads and so little interested in effectual truth?

God is calling the Church, you and me—those who lead and pastor churches, who influence people in the church, who sit on committees, teach, or like to flee from manipulating and gossiping or making up sensationalism behind the scenes—to wake up and SEEK HIM, not ourselves or ideas or plans or trends!

Are you a committed Christian or a surrendered Christian?
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