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Recovery Ministry Leadership

Resources for a Bible Based Christian 12 Step Recovery

Are you a mental health worker, pastor or counselor and want a better way to do recovery? Do you need quality materials to supplement your people that are Biblical and effectual?

Are you personally dealing with any kind of addiction or dependency or hurt? Do you have issues with Alcohol, Smoking, Drugs, Overeating, Pornography, Sexual Addiction or...? Any past hurts that have caused you to be living in a bondage or dysfunction? Is your life in chaos or on the road to ruin? Then you need to find a good counselor or recovery program, and we can offer you these Bible Studies resources for your successful recovery.

The goal and purpose of this Twelve Step series is to offer you helps and insights on recovery. These are written from a theological perspective and not about any particular psychological theory. These are timeless truths found in God's Word from an inductive study in the Bible.

This recovery program works! There has been no better way that earnestly helps people recover from their past hurts, addictions and dependency than the Twelve-Step program. When it is properly administered and followed with good Biblical principles. This series is designed to supplement a treatment or counseling program.

Introduction to the Bible Studies on Recovery. Offering you God's Word and His insights to your journey of recovery.
I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do. And if I do what I do not want to do, I agree that the Law is good. As it is, it is no longer I myself who do it, but it is sin living in me...
Bible Studies for a Successful Recovery

Step 1: I am powerless to do this on my own. I admit my need for help and Jesus Christ is the One, the only one who can fully heal and restore me.

Jesus' Authority over Sin Part 1               Matthew 9: 1-8

Jesus' Authority over Sin Part 2               Matthew 9: 1-8

Our Conflict with Dependency Part 1        Romans 7: 7- 25

Our Conflict with Addiction Part 2            Romans 7: 7- 25

I will accept help from others who are qualified and any treatment I may need. My life has become chaos and unmanageable and I surrender my problem and life to Christ, His Lordship for my recovery.

STEP 2: Through Jesus Christ and His power to heal and restore I can be helped. I believe only He can help me recover!

Jesus the Healer                                  Matthew 8: 14-17

Let Jesus Restore You!                         Philippians 2:12-27; 3:10

Jesus Christ: His Lordship is the Only Power that can Help me Recover!

Step 3: Make the Determination to Turn your Life over to Jesus Christ as LORD!

God's Mercy to You                              Romans 12: 1-2

You are in God's care, so allow His hand to move and heal you!

Step 4: We must take a hard look in us to see what comes out of us.

Getting Rid of False Beliefs                    Lamentations 3:40

Positive Thinking                                 Romans 12

We need to be examined to see what needs to be fixed.

Step 5: Be willing to admit your wrongs to God, self, and others.

The Power of Prayer!                          James 5: 13-18

The Power of Confession!                    James 5: 13-18

Confess your Wrongs                          James 5: 13-18

I have wronged and hurt others by my actions and words; I will commit to seek forgiveness and reconciliation.

Step 6: Commit yourself to obey God, His precepts so you do not go back to your old ways that cause you dysfunction!

How to Succeed in Recovery! Part 1      James 4: 7-10

How to Succeed in Recovery! Part 2      James 4: 7-10

Allow God to smash the substance out of your life that hinders your growth, character and Fruit.

Step 7: Ask God to humble and renew you so you do not continue any bad patterns.

The Road to Recovery                        Romans 12: 1-2

God's Cleaning Power! Part 1               Revelation 22:1-6

God's Cleaning Power! Part 2               Revelation 22:1-6

Go before God and ask Him to cleanse or remove anything that is in the way of Him and your recovery

Step 8: Who have you wronged and hurt?

Making Amends! Part 1                      Matthew 7: 7-12

Making Amends! Part 2                      Matthew 7: 7-12

Make a list and be willing with God's help to make reparation.

Step 9: Be diligent to pursue forgiveness whenever possible.

Beware of Anger!                             Matthew 5: 21-26

The Problem of Not Forgiving              Matthew 18: 21-35

When we make amends, we have to be careful we do not further injure people or cause strife.

Step 10: Continue to make amends by examining your life and what you have done to cause hurt to others and then take responsibility for it.

How is your Recovery Going? Part 1     Matthew 7:13-20

How is your Recovery Going? Part 2     Matthew 7:13-20

Keep on God's path for recovery so you do not fall off of it and go back to your old harmful ways.

Step 11: Seek to grow, go to prayer, and improve your relationship with Christ.

Seeking Wisdom to Deal with Recovery!  James 1:5-8

Dealing with Disappointments                James 1:5-8

Pray for strength, God's Will, and the continual empowerment for recovery

Step 12: Having achieved success in spiritual growth and recovery, now seek how you can continue your success.

Dealing with Temptations                      Matthew 4:1-11

Our Faithful Growth in Christ!                2 Peter 1: 5-11

Living with Holiness!                            1 Peter 1: 13-21

How can you help others and carry the Gospel message that Christ transforms lives?

Through Jesus Christ and His power to heal and restore you can be helped!

The Serenity Prayer

GOD, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. Living ONE DAY AT A TIME; Enjoying one moment at a time; Accepting hardship as the pathway to peace. Taking, as He did, this sinful world as it is, not as I would have it. Trusting that He will make all things right if I surrender to His Will; That I may be reasonably happy in this life, and supremely happy with Him forever in the next. Amen (Reinhold Neibuhr-1926
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