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Bible Research

Revelation 2: 1-7
Revelation 1: 9-20
Revelation 1: 1-8
Apocalyptic, as a term in the common vernacular or dictionary definition, means something that is written in an ominous, threatening way. It is scary, thwarting, and about boding evil. The dictionary tells us it is presaging people of imminent disaster, exaggerated predictions, or allusions of the Last Days. However, this is not what it meant in the original Greek or Hebrew or in the time this term was penned. This means "Biblical" or "Exegetical Eschatology" which is seeking what the Bible has to say about end times not what an unwise mind may come up with! What did it mean? It means...
This is part two of a two part study as a prelude into The Book of Revelation. The Coming of the Son of Man! A spectacular glimpse to things that will come! Jesus is explaining here, symbolically, the events of the coming...
Matthew 24:1-28: This is part one of a two part study as a prelude into The Book of Revelation. It is essential we understand the events that are to come and not bow to false teachings or sensationalism, and the best way to do that is see what our Lord Jesus Christ taught on the matter.
This is a basic outline overview of the Book of Revelation
How Revelation is Interpreted? The first part is fairly clear, extolling the Church for what it is doing and criticizing because of where it should be. Most of the debates lie in Revelation 6:1 through 18:24.
Have you ever wondered what the book of Revelation is all about?

This article also serves as the introduction and Background Material to our Bible Study series in the Book of Revelation.
How to be a Capable Bible Student! There is no substitute to time spent in the face of our Lord!
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