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Church Leadership

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Seek first the kingdom of God, a general overview of who is the will of God.
Many pastors are going into their pulpits ignorant, either not knowing the tools or how to use those tools. This is why a lot of pastors are not leading Bible studies in our churches, and why so few churches even have a Bible study.
Matthew 6: 5-15, Jesus is calling us to seek Him with the emphasis on our sincerity so our public prayers are as genuine as our private ones.
Means being polite and courteous.
How is your seasoning? One of the key objectives of Francis Schaeffer's work was to help Christians think and process who they are in Christ. In so doing, one would look at God's precepts and then work them out so he could better be salt and light in the world in which we live. Schaeffer found, both as a pastor and in his early personal practice of Christianity, too much shallowness, preoccupation with trivialities, and what he saw as "irrationality."
Why should we listen to a Book? Why is the Bible to be our authority for faith and practice-for life?
Matthew 5: 43-48, Loving your Enemies, Jesus once again challenges the Pharisees' misunderstanding...
Is the true response that leads to worship.
Why is understanding about the Trinity essential for being a Christian?

Understanding the impact of the Bible on history and its relevance for our lives!
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