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Leading the Church

The Bondage of the Will

By Dr. Richard J. Krejcir
In a nutshell we have free will to choose, this in reformed theology is called "free agency".
Perhaps it was Jonathan Edwards who coined this phrase, The Bondage of the Will, but it's grasp is clearly taught in Scripture.
In a nutshell we have free will to choose, this in reformed theology is called "free agency". (The degree of our freedom is debated by theologians in the reformed camp and outside in Dispensationalism and Arminianism. The reasons are too long and complicated; however virtually all agree that we do have it, and the Bible clearly teaches it. And Calvin himself spent more time on our responsibility than any other subject except prayer.) This means we make our own decisions and reap our own consequences.

We have the ability to see the all the options of a decision or situation and the virtue that can come from them or the destruction they can cause. Because of the fall we no longer have the desire to seek God first, thus the need for the Holy Spirit to intercede on our behalf through what Christ did. We have a conscience which knows who God is as reveled in our hearts even without the Word (Rom. 1; Psalm 15; Isa. 40). And this will is at war with the desires of our freedom, our sinful nature to rebel as Adam first did. The bondage is that our hearts are captured by sin, thus our choices are bent toward sin and rebellion. The only way to gain true freedom is by accepting what Christ has done. It is He that sets the will free. And once free we will chose to be surrendered to Him as His bondservant. Which is the ultimate freedom! Then we will have the will that will be inclined to seek His face and live a life pleasing to our Lord. (John 8:34-36; Rom. 6:16-23; 2:20; Gal. 5:1-13)

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