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So, what is going on with today's servants of the Church?

Since first studying pastors in the late 80's, we are seeing significant shifts in the last 20 years on how pastors view their calling and how churches treat them.
How and why churches breakdown, the Synopsis of the Research and insights from Schaeffer himself.
This comes from a big problem we have in most churches today, that is the tendency of leaders not effectually growing in the Lord and thus do not practice their faith and this dispenses down to the congregation.
We have a call to make sure our hearts are lined up with His. When they are Christ blesses us and our church.
We compared over 1,103 churches for 15 years to what constitutes a healthy church from our other research. The churches surveyed and tracked include reports from 23 denominations. Said earlier research pointed to 44 significant growth factors. We then complied and compared growth and failure rates:
After over 25 years of researching pastoral trends and many of us being a pastor, we have found (this data is old, stay tuned for our new research coming Summer 2016) that pastors are in a dangerous but needed occupation!
What makes a church grow? The main, significant factor over all else of why churches succeed is this one point: they were centered upon Christ as LORD! They were not centered on a personality, a vision, a denomination, an emerging paradigm, or a set of trends.
Are you willing to take an honest look at some of the reasons why people are not coming to or are not involved in your church?

In my first doctoral dissertation on "why churches fail," I tracked over 1,000 churches for over 10 years. I looked for the marks that caused people to leave. I found the top four reasons why a churchgoer leaves their church.
Are you willing to take an honest look at some of the reasons why people are not coming to your church?
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