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Leading the Church

Understanding the Importance of Spiritual Gifts! Spiritual Gifts are alive and well both in the Church and in the world. They are not from a bygone era or only for certain Denominations or individuals; they are for you and your church!
False teachers, in their lust for new nuances that are not true or seeking what is a lie over and against what is clearly revealed in Scripture as truth are foolish and harmful to others.
Take heed, God will destroy those who are wicked; but take comfort, for He also will rescue those who are in Him.
The authentic knowledge of Christ that is revealed to us is the foundation of our faith.
The result is respect, cooperation, unity, community, and the power of His Fruit at work.
We are called to get our minds lined up with God-His Way, His precepts, and His plan.
Jesus shows the ultimate care as He seeks us out to offer salvation that we do not deserve and continues to seek us when we wander from Him!
If you are a person who is up to no good and you do not want to be found out, you can attack those who are good with false allegations, gossip, and slander.
Fruit produces motives stemming from our spiritual maturity in Christ. If we are seeking His wisdom, we are being righteous and measuring twice...
Why? Because; words can get us in so much trouble, and serve both for the good of the Kingdom and the determent of the Church...
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