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Leading the Church

It is why society needs law and order, why churches need discipline and how much we have been saved by our Lord...
How does our Lord call us to deal with the sin in others? With truthfulness and love!
Christ came to give us peace. However, we often turn it into strife.
Most Christians have not yet discovered who they are in Christ. They elevate their desires, goals, and aspirations over anyone else's, even the Lord's.
Should you Judge, if so why and when and when not?
Confession is the event of responding to the Gospel's message, then acknowledging our faith publicly.
Repentance is both a "summons" to seek Him first and a "summery" of the Gospel's impact and "regeneration" upon us so we make a life change in Christ.
Understanding God's call to us with Spiritual Gifts Now that I am a Christian, I get presents?
Introduction: A Biblical Approach to Understanding and Applying that with which God has Called and Gifted You! This workshop can be used as small group lessons or a church wide training event.
Small Group Curriculum Model

Small groups are designed to meet the deepest relational and learning needs of the congregation. Small groups can help provide the framework for people to be challenged to worship God with joy, passion, and conviction by learning who they are in Christ so they can develop the trusting faith in Jesus as Savior and LORD...
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