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Here is a simple way to help people understand the Gospel, which I picked up from Young Life years ago. All you need is a Bible, a piece of paper, and a pen.
To be an effective witness of our Lord, we need to have a well-prepared testimony, and it needs to be written out. In writing out your testimony, you are seeking to show others who and what Christ is by your example and...
Do not know where to start? Then ask questions! There is a classic American party and board game that is fun and addictive. It is great for entertaining groups, and is used in Youth Ministry and Children's programs.
We are His display! We glorify God when we endure with our faith and character-no matter what we might face or experience. The chief purpose for Christians, above all else, is to glorify God.
Encourage your church to adopt a community service project such as sponsoring a youth center, developing job training, distributing food, cleaning people's homes, and/or cleaning up neighborhoods, local shops, and...
This is the plan to show you step-by-step how to conduct an evangelism program for a church or a para-church. This is what needs to be accomplished before a crusade, before a "revival meeting," then continued so we can be the light in the world. Many of these insights will also apply to personal one-on-one witnessing, too.
There is, perhaps, no better way to introduce the Lordship of Christ to others than to model His character to others. When we are distinctive and interesting, living a life above reproach with love and care to others, we are...
What is the key to the good, effective witness of Andrew and Philip, or of anyone else? It is prayer and the willingness and ability to develop relationships. It boggles my mind how many Christians I know who have no significant...
Before we can venture into the "how," we need to ask one key and essential question: Who and what do people see in us? When we share about the Lord to someone, what is that person seeing in us? Our character? Our Fruit? Our personality? Our friendliness? Our love? Our care? Or?
Jesus called His twelve Disciples to venture out and put into practice all He had taught them. This was their first great mission, and the testing ground for learning, growth, and the practicing of their faith.
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