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Leading the Church

When you call out God's name what do you mean? Who is God? How do we know who He is and how we should respond to Him? We know by learning His names and titles!

The incarnation simply means God came to be a man. He was fully man while remaining fully God. That way He could identify with our plight in life. As He lived a normal human existence for over 30 years, He experienced all that we experienced, including all the emotions, relationships, and temptations.

The denomination that believes in predestination has a demonstrated the best record that it is truly evangelistic.
Is Calvinism Biblical or just crazy man made doctrine? What most people and pastors do not realize is this is plainly taught in Scripture and even Arminius taught this. The Catholic Church and all Christian denominations have this as their core theology, because this is what Scripture clearly teaches.
This is the cornerstone of protestant theology that Christ through His work gave us a 'pardon'. And the rallying cry of the Reformation. The main point that caused Luther and Calvin to challenge the Catholic Church and it's teachings.

Why do we fear Holiness and conviction? Most secular people, and even some Christians, perceive Holiness in the wrong way. They see it as a set of rules and judgments, not the majesty and awe of God.
What comes into our minds when we think about God? The sovereignty of God basically means that God is God, and He is in complete control, He is the Creator, King, and Sustainer of the universe. God can do as He pleases, as He wishes, without constraint; He has no limits or confines. Nothing else in concept or reality can move or exercise power or influence over Him. Nothing can have direction or permission outside of His knowledge and control. God's purpose is all-comprehensive and can never be thwarted.
What can we learn from churches that have failures or are disconnected from their purpose?

This article will explore what God calls, how we are and what we can do with practical and biblical insights to prevent breakdowns and major problems from happening. In Part 2, we will look how to recover if breakdowns do occur.
So, is it true all we have to do is love Jesus? Who is Jesus? Once you ask the question, "who is God," you have ventured into theology.
We can model the character of Christ by the faith we show in our obedience to His Word. What we see in Christ is our model of how we integrate or relate to people with whom we have relationships.
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