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Faithfulness is the gluing fruit that will preserve our faith
Goodness is the engagement of love!
Kindness is the medium through which Christ's love becomes tangible
Patience is showing tolerance and fortitude
Allowing tranquility to be our tone and control our composure.
Joy will allow us to enjoy our relationship with Christ
Love desires to seek and apply what God has to say.
Here are some key Accountability questions you can ask yourself and/or have a mentor ask you.
What is accountability? It is a check and balance system to protect us from harm from ourselves and others. We do this by being open to what we are thinking and doing so we can receive encouragement and reproof, when needed. Christian accountability is accounting for what...
Virtue is not something we do occasionally. Virtue is not meant for only one certain place such as church. It is not supposed to be put on hold when it inconveniences us or another such as at our work.
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