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Effective Leadership

Matthew 16: 1-12, Seeking a Sign? The Pharisees were hounding Jesus for more miracles to prove who He was.
Matthew 15: 21-39, The disciples continued to show their deficiency in memory and faith.
Matthew 15: 1-20, Defilement from Hypocrisy. Jesus confronted, head on, the hypocrisy of the religious leaders who...
Matthew 14: 13-21, The imagery here is of the Shepherd feeding His sheep!
Matthew 14: 1-12, John the Baptist is Martyred as he caused quite a stir in the Herodian household. He cut across his social and cultural status...
Matthew 13: 44-58, The Value of Christ's Kingdom! In these parables, Jesus explains the value of His Kingdom, and the foolishness of chasing after the things of the world.
Matthew 12: 22-37, A House Divided Cannot Stand! This is one of the most controversial passages in Matthew.
Matthew 12: 9-21, Hypocrisy in action! Jesus cleverly thwarted the attempt of the religious leaders to prove He was a fake by...
Matthew 12: 1-8, The religious leaders were looking for another opportunity to put Jesus on the spot to try to prove He was a fake.
Matthew 11: 20-30, The God Who Judges, the God Who Holds Us! God is a God who gives us grace, comfort, and rest, yet...
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